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incredible 5 axis CNC machining

Check out this incredible 5 axis CNC aluminum machining of a motorcycle helmet, all was done on a single set up, it’s just amazing.

The material used is an A7N01-T6 aluminum alloy.

The job was done by Daishin Company.

(via Form Loves Function)


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aluminum anodizing

Aluminum anodizing is basically an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on metal surfaces, which increase the corrosion resistance on the material. The anodic film that is formed around the metal, thou more brittle, is much stronger and adherent than most types of paint, it is also less likely to crack, but more susceptible to crack from thermal stress.

Some aluminum foundries offer aluminum finishing services, on which they include aluminum anodizing, this might be a huge advantage for your time requirements, be sure to check your requirements and your aluminum casting provider services.

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How Aluminum Cans are Made?

Ever wonder how an aluminum can is made? We have! ever since we can remember the coca-cola aluminum cans, which is a lot.
Well, aluminum cans are made with a lot of highly industrialized procedures as we see on this video; everything passes on so quickly and with deep quality care.
Evidently the aluminum alloy and procedures that we see on an aluminum foundry are very different, no wonder aluminum is a great versatile material.

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Aluminum primary world production by country

Pretty useful to visualize the state of the art in the aluminium production, Index Mundi provides us this chart with the data of the industry of aluminium per country.

Though it just shows information of 2003, it is still useful to see how different countries had lead and continue leading the aluminium production economy.

I would be interesting to compare, for example Mexican foundries profitability with Mexican suppliers of aluminium.

You can visualize directly the information in the Aluminum Production Index Mundi Webpage.

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Transparent aluminum???

Oxford scientists say they’ve created transparent aluminum, but is it similar to what we saw in Star Trek IV? Well, not really. Using a powerful FLASH laser that produces brief pulses of “soft x-ray light,” they knocked out an electron from every aluminum atom in a lab sample. Because this process didn’t disrupt the metallic lattice structure of the metal, it magically turned the aluminum into a substance transparent to ultraviolet light…..

Continue reading on its original source http://dvice.com/

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aluminum properties slideshow

Check out this aluminum properties presentation from Moiz Barry that we found on slideshare.net

Is are very basic stuff, extremely important for aluminum foundries to work properly.

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investment casting

Check out this small picture about investment casting from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

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